Over the last couple of months I’ve been incredibly busy getting The Landlady ready for it’s Halloween premiere. The last few days I spent colour grading the film and I noticed how when I said I was busy ‘grading’ practically everyone asked me ‘what’s that?’.

Think of grading as adding the final layer of polish to your movie. Many people, especially amateur film makers don’t bother taking the time to grade their shots and the results often show.

The best way to demonstrate the effect of grading is by way some comparison stills from The Landlady showing ungraded and graded footage. As you can see, the ungraded images on the left are quite flat and lifeless compared to those on the right.

Grading isn’t just about colour correction, it’s also a way to give your footage a certain look and feel. Think about the lab in an episode of CSI and how it tends to look a bit bluer and colder than real life, then imagine the same scene graded with a sepia look – just wouldn’t feel very techie would it?

So if you’ve spent time and effort making your film, make sure your footage makes the grade.

Grade Examples



“Ladies and Gentlemen – Mandy Winters”

Mandy Winters Showreel from Robo Films on Vimeo.

Spent a great day on the beach and in a school hall on Saturday with the lovely and talented Mandy Winters. Not only did we film this showreel, but we also managed to squeeze two full music videos from the footage. Bonus!

Low Down in Lodi

Make the World a Little Younger


Showreel in the Park

Phillipa from Robo Films on Vimeo.

Here’s a quick showreel piece filmed on Clapham Common in about an hour. A lot of actors complain that they never get sent stuff they’ve appeared in for their showreels – the simple answer; get something filmed yourself that shows your skills.


Giant Balls

A busy day yesterday editing the footage from the launch of the new lotto. They had 6 giant balls on the Thames. I was in at 7am because Camelot wanted 2 finished videos (a 90 second and 60 second edit) by 6pm. Had them both done by 3! Pleased to see footage from the videos on BBC news today. Here’s the 90 second edit.



Hot Heels

Just to show how quickly we can turn around a video here at Robo Films, this promo was shot in less than an hour and edited in two. It’s already had more than 1,700 views on YouTube – quick, cheap and effective advertising.



Bring Me Sunshine

Learn2Sail Platinum from Robo Films on Vimeo.

Video making can be a hard life sometimes. I’ve recently endured having to film on a yacht in the Algarve, in glorious sunshine. But it was all worth it for our lovely clients Mark and Jane at Learn2Sail.  Here’s the result.

Learn2Sail Platinum

And just to show how tough life can be here’s a little tribute to Eric & Ern we made on our last day.

Bring Me Sunshine

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Robo Films. The most exciting news is that we have now wrapped shooting on our first independent short film ‘The Landlady’, starring Hammer scream queen and Bond girl Caroline Munro. Amazingly the whole thing was conceived between myself and pal Rory O’Donnell a mere two months ago (and like all the best ideas it came about in the pub). Since then it’s been a blur of casting, location scouting, prop buying, costume fittings, animal sourcing, and Indiegogo campaigning resulting in four days of shooting in Maida Vale at the end of August.

You can view some of our related videos here.