Over the last couple of months I’ve been incredibly busy getting The Landlady ready for it’s Halloween premiere. The last few days I spent colour grading the film and I noticed how when I said I was busy ‘grading’ practically everyone asked me ‘what’s that?’.

Think of grading as adding the final layer of polish to your movie. Many people, especially amateur film makers don’t bother taking the time to grade their shots and the results often show.

The best way to demonstrate the effect of grading is by way some comparison stills from The Landlady showing ungraded and graded footage. As you can see, the ungraded images on the left are quite flat and lifeless compared to those on the right.

Grading isn’t just about colour correction, it’s also a way to give your footage a certain look and feel. Think about the lab in an episode of CSI and how it tends to look a bit bluer and colder than real life, then imagine the same scene graded with a sepia look – just wouldn’t feel very techie would it?

So if you’ve spent time and effort making your film, make sure your footage makes the grade.

Grade Examples